Firstbeat Sports Heart Rate Belt (plastic)

Firstbeat Sports Heart Rate Belt (plastic)

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The Firstbeat Heart Rate Belt records beat-to-beat (RR-I) heart rate data to provide athlete data on load and recovery and is compatible with Firstbeat Sports Team Receivers (100 and 10).

The Firstbeat Heart Rate Belt (plastic) is not compatible with the Firstbeat Sports app solution.

Technical specifications:

  • Battery duration: 600 hours (CR2032, replaceable)
  • Transmission protocol: BlueRobin 915/868MHz*
  • Material: rubber/plastic
  • Heart rate data: Beat-to-beat (RR-i)

*Please note that the Firstbeat Heart Rate Belt comes in two transmission protocols:

  • EU version (868 MHz): valid in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Russia and India
  • US version (915 MHz): valid in North America, South America, Australia and Asia

Please choose the appropriate version accordingly.

Each Firstbeat Heart Rate Belt comes with one (1) strap. Replacement straps can be purchased here.